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Whether you are a seasoned racer or newbie please ensure read ALL of the information below before attending one of our events.

All of our rules are put in place to ensure safety of our competitors and most importantly to maintain high welfare standards for the dogs. Anyone found not abiding by this will be disqualified.


For canicross all dogs taking part must be a minimum of 18 months of age as well as dogs running in the wheels categories must also be at least 18 months this is for rig, scooter and bikejor. Please remember this is a rough guideline, for large breeds you may wish to wait a little longer for growth plates to close.


All dogs must be wearing a canisports harness designed for pulling. Dogs will not be allowed to run in restrictive harnesses e.g. Julius K9type harness. All other equipment should be in good working in order this includes; lines, belts, bikes, scooters and rigs. For bikejor we recommend ideally a mountain bike as this is primarily single track and mud.

The dog sets the pace

Your dog should be setting the pace and enjoyable for them. We understand that some dogs may slacken off and drop beside you at times - this is fine! However, we do not want them behind the runner or rider at any point. If your dog is slowing the pace they are tired so slow with them or stop for 10 seconds before going again.

Trail etiquette 

Be kind and courteous on the course. If looking to pass someone be sure to call 'Trail Left!' or 'Trail Right!' dependent on which side of the path you are looking to overtake on. The person in front should then move over to the other side as soon as it is safe to do so.

Some dogs may be reactive, so if you see a yellow sign please give extra warning or space when passing.

Be mindful for some people on the course it might be their first time. Be patient and polite when passing.

Respect organiser and marshals

Be sure to listen out for any changes or instructions from either Pete the organiser or from race marshals on the course. They all have the competitors and the dogs safety and enjoyment as their number one priority.

Racing multiple classes

Newnham is great value for money. Your entry will allow you to enter two classes. However we typically advise that you enter each class with a fresh dog each time as it can be a demanding course.

Marshals and organisers reserve the right to withdraw any dog they do not feel is up to running.

Dog welfare

The organisers want ensure high welfare standards so all dogs must be fit and healthy to run and have trained appropriately before competing. We also do not tolerate ANY form of harsh handling of dogs. If anyone is found to be doing this will be disqualified and a potential ban from future races. The sport is about having fun for you and your dog!

Reactive Dogs

Reactive dogs are welcome but be sensible and be able to have full control of your dog at all times. If your dog is reactive we recommend using a yellow 'give space' tabard or lead slip and running in a suitable cage muzzle that is deep enough for your dog to pant fully.

Your reactive dog should not impact other peoples race.

Bitches in Season

Bitches in season are not allowed to race. Please also refrain from bringing them to the venue as this can impact on other dogs that are competing.


Each competitor must have their own personal insurance to attend our events , there are several different options out there , a popular one is the BSSF .

venue etiquette

Please make sure you take your poo bags home with you , as we don`t have the facilites to deal with it , and its no different if you were taking your dog out for a walk !! 

DOGS ARE TO BE KEPT ON LEADS AT ALL TIMES !! your dog might be fine but that doesn`t mean everyone elses is !! It is your responseability to ensure your dog is under control and on a lead , anyone found letting their dog off lead will be asked to leave the venue immediately with no refund !!

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