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We have a few courses available at Newnham Bark

5.2km Main Course - For Bikejor and canicross.

10K Canicross course.

4 km short course-For Scooter,bikejor and canicross

4 km Rig Course - For 2-6 dog dryland rig teams.

2 km Junior`s course- This is for the mini mushers and those wanting an informal fun run.

Main Course

The new 5k is still in development so watch this space for an update on distance.

A fun twisty course to keep you and your dogs focused. Expect some mud, turns, a few different surfaces and small climbs. A fun challenge for those racing a full speed but perfectly suitable for beginners too just take your time.

This course is for those competing in bikejor and canicross.

As above the new 10K course is a combination of all the courses and a little extra !!!! 

This is Canicross only and you cannot compete in the 5k and 8K on the same day.


Rig Course

Approximately 3.7km.


Thanks to Derek Melville we now have access to both sides of the river . This has opened up the Rig course , so you can expect a fast paced course with twists,climbs and cool decsents !!

This is open to teams of dogs from 2-6. Due to numbers we currently run Rigs as a open category . If it grows in popularity this will be adjusted.

The  new Mini championship &    2k
Juniors  Course

Approximately 2km Juniors.

This course is for our mini mushers, so any child racing with their dog in any discipline.

Adults are welcome to run/ride alongside a child.

We are also running a new Mini championship on the Rig course (with some single track thrown in)for those who find the 5km course a little bit too challenging. 

This is open to canicross, scooter, bikejor.

Just let us know what you plan to do.


training session

 This is not a have a go !! 

The training session is for people with either young dogs that want to let the dog experience the atmosphere of an event and do some training or  someone who hasn`t ever raced before and want to try it without the pressure .We can go over starts overtaking and give a small amount of advice .Sometimes we are also lucky enough to have people do a talk on different subjects.There is no fixed fee we just ask for a contribution towards Gables dog & cats home.

Please note the training session is on the

Saturday only !!!!

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